Environmental Consulting

Georgia Power Company
Henry county bio assessment
Corblu was hired by Georgia Power Company to conduct environmetnal assessments and permitting work in support of a 57-mile long proposed 500kV line in middle Georgia.  Approximately two thirds of the corridor consisted of new alignment, with the remaining one third adjacent to an existing right-of-way (ROW).  Corblu services included field delineation of wetlands/waters regulated by the USACE and state waters regulated by the Georgia Environmental Protection Division (GEPD), and a sub-meter GPS survey of the delineated boundaries and other features of interest to the design team, such as existing culverts, unusual natural features, or detriments to access.  Concurrent with the delineation, Corblu performed a field survey for 23 plant and animal species listed as endangered or threatened by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and/or the Georgia Department of Natural Resources.  Species locations or preferred habitats also were GPS-located to augment the environmental mapping database.  Corblu prepared and submitted the Section 404 permit application which is currently being 
reviewed by the USACE.

Avenue® - Cousins Properties, Inc. 
Atlanta Metro Area, Georgia
Cousins Properties, Inc. (Cousins) a leading retail developer in the southeastern U.S. and pioneer the “Lifestyle Retail Center” better known as The Avenue®, has developed 5 lifestyle centers in the Atlanta Metro Area over the past 15 years and has several more planned.  Due to specific site and pedestrian design requirements, impacts to streams and wetlands are sometimes unavoidable.  The professionals at Corblu assisted Cousins in obtaining the necessary Section 404 USACE permits, GEPD 401 Water Quality Certifications and stream buffer variances associated with 4 Avenue® projects in Cobb (2), Gwinnett and Forsyth Counties for unavoidable stream and wetland impacts.  Components of the permitting process included habitat and endangered species assessments, archeological assessments, alternative site analysis to verify the proposed environmental impacts were minimized, development and implementation of compensatory mitigation to offset the impacts, and assist in the development of stormwater management plans to protect water quality.

Mitsubishi Power Systems (formerly Daimler-Chrysler)
Savannah, GeorgiaMitsubishi
Corblu was selected by the Georgia Department of Economic Development to assist in locating and permitting a viable “Mega-Site” suitable for an automobile manufacturing facility.  Prior to the site location, Corblu was the lead in the development and preparation of the “Mega-Site” site selection criteria (e.g., size, rail, transportation, utility infrastructure, etc.) that would later be incorporated into the required alternative site analysis needed for USACE Section 404 permitting, as well as for use in future “Mega-Site” site selections.  Corblu evaluated various sites with regard to their suitability for the Mitsubishi project.  After a site was selected, Corblu developed and prepared the necessary USACE permit and supporting documentation (wetlands, protected species, habitat classification, archeology, alternative layout configurations, mitigation, etc.) for 132 acres of wetland impact that would occur as a result of the project. The USACE permit was issued with 90 days of permit submittal clearing the way for the Georgia site to be selected by Daimler-Chrysler (currently Mitsubishi Power Systems) over several other sites in the U.S.

Colonial Pipeline Company
Multiple Pipeline Maintenance Locations
Corblu personnel have completed multiple projects in Alabama, Georgia, Maryland, Mississippi, North Carolina, New Jersey, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia associated with ongoing pipeline maintenance and operations for Colonial Pipeline Company over the past 12 years.  Responsibilities include federal and state jurisdictional waters (wetlands/streams) field delineation and corresponding buffers, GPS field survey of delineated boundaries, protected species surveys within the existing pipeline right-of-way (ROW), regulatory coordination/public hearings, preparation and submittal of necessary federal, state, and local environmental permit applications, and construction compliance.  These actions were essential to allowing Colonial Pipeline Company to continue operations without interruption.

Cherokee County Schools
Cherokee County, GeorgiaCherokee 2
As one of the fastest growing counties in Georgia, Cherokee County School District has been expanding its educational facilities to serve the growing K – 12 populations.  Corblu professionals have provided environmental and ecological professional services for numerous school expansions and new school sites throughout the county.  Specifically, Corblu has assisted the school district in the location, delineation and GPS survey of federal and state jurisdictional waters, as well as protected species surveys on these school sites.  Further, where impacts to these resources could not be avoided, Corblu prepared and obtained the required USACE permits and GEPD stream buffer variances needed for site development.

Henry County Water Supply Reservoirs

Henry & Spalding Counties, GeorgiaHenry county water supply reservoirs
To meet the County’s water supply demands, the Henry County Water and Sewerage Authority (the Authority) sought to develop several water supply reservoirs within the Towaliga River and Tussahaw Creek basins.  The professionals at Corblu over the past 20 years have conducted environmental assessments for more than 20 alternative water supply reservoir sites in Henry and Spalding Counties, Georgia.  These projects involved the delineation of jurisdictional wetlands, assessment of cultural resources, environmental permitting, agency coordination, protected species surveys and mitigation design.  To perform the wetland mitigation, a hydrologic and hydraulic analysis was performed to determine the stage duration and frequency so that rational wetland restoration can be accomplished.  The hydrologic analysis for the wetland mitigation project included performing a flow frequency analysis and a peak flow analysis.  Based on these investigations, Corblu has led the USACE permitting effort and has permitted 4 water supply reservoirs for the Authority with a total yield of 50 million gallons a day. These reservoirs total approximately 3,000 surface acres and resulted in over 730 acres of wetland impacts.  To offset these wetland losses, Corblu designed and assisted in the implementation of over 5,000 acres of wetland restoration, enhancement, and preservation, as well as protection of upland buffer areas and the design of a nature trail and park.  Mitigation monitoring is currently underway.  All mitigation efforts met the success criteria established by the permits.






























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