Bradley Farms Preserve Mitigation Bank

Bradley Farms Preserve is a 372-acre U.S. Army Corps of Engineers wetland and stream mitigation bank in the Lower Chattahoochee Service Area. The project is located in the floodplain of the Chattahoochee River adjacent to Walter F. George Reservoir and Eufaula National Wildlife Refuge. The Bank contains 300 acres of wetland restoration and enhancement, 85 acres of wetland buffer, and 10,000 linear feet of stream and riparian buffer restoration.

The steam and wetland restoration provide numerous ecological benefits within the watershed, such as water supply, sediment removal, and improved aquatic and terrestrial habitat. All agricultural practices will cease and connectivity with Eufaula Wildlife Refuge is improved providing habitat for many critical species, especially migratory waterfowl.


Bank Info


372 +/- acres


Wetland, Stream, and Riparian Buffer


Stewart County, Georgia
32°0’55” N     85°2’5” W

Service Area:

Lower Chattahoochee



Middle Chattahoochee-Walter F. George Reservoir (03130003), Lower Chattahoochee River (03130004), and Spring Creek (03130010)



Kinchatoone-Muckalee Creeks (03130007), Lower Flint River (03130008), Ichawaynochaway Creek (03130009), and Apalachicola River (03130011)

84°12’52” W