Potato Creek Mitigation Bank

Potato Creek Mitigation Bank offers stream and wetland mitigation credits for all types of stream, buffer and freshwater wetland impacts in the Upper Flint Service Area.  The Bank is comprised of two phases totaling 240 acres along seven tributaries to Potato Creek, a High Priority Stream, according to the Georgia Department of Natural Resources. 


Stream mitigation includes Priority 1 and 2 channel and riparian restoration and preservation of nearly 13,000 linear feet of stream. Wetland mitigation includes 23 acres of wetland hydrologic and vegetative restoration and an additional 62 acres of wetland and buffer preservation. Potato Creek is on the 303(d) list as impaired for not supporting its designated uses due to fecal coliform contamination.  The site was formerly used for dairy cow production. Conversion from a dairy farm to a natural functioning landscape will reduce the input of harmful bacteria to Potato Creek.


Bank Info


240 +/- acres


Stream and Riparian Buffer


Lamar County, Georgia
33°1’55” N 84°14’42” W

Service Area:

Upper Flint



Upper Flint River (03130005)



Middle Chattahoochee River (03130002)